Hello beautiful souls, welcome back to my Hello London blogs. I am so excited to take you to this secret vintage cocktail bar called The Nightjar. Super grateful I discovered this venue through a lovely date I had. [Thank you for the dreamy experience]

I have been at the Nightjar a few times already. Every time, I feel like I am in a secret glamorous bar in 1920 with astonishing live music. [If you need to impress anyone, let me tell you, this is the place to be]

First of all, this place is hard to find, so if you are looking for it, go to the door next to the KFC on city road and you will find it. [There is a small sign on the door, but not very obvious, thank me later]

It seems that there is always a different jazz band playing. If you go for the music go late evening in weekends. [The music is best then] I felt like I was transported in a movie, enjoying the music, drinks and company. [Best combination ever]

The Nightjar has given new life to forgotten cocktails. I quite like the selection they have. One of my favourite cocktails is Soul Kiss. [ok, this cocktail got me already by its name, but it truly honours its name, trust me] If it is your first time and you like [heavy] cocktails, try the Zombie. [This cocktail is quite a spectacle, a bit of fire and lots of alcohol with a cake drenched in rum, I think] The cake in Zombie reminded me of a Surinamese cake. [That is always a good thing]

So if you are in for a date with friends, family, partner or date, this will score some points. To book is very easy go to their website here. There is no need to book in advance.

The Nightjar will always have a special place in my heart. I liked the atmosphere in the bar, the live music, the cocktails, the location and of course the company. It feels like a secret classy jazz club where you are taken back in to the past.

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