Merry Christmas, beautiful souls! We are back with another Hello London blog. I hope you had some quality time with your loved ones. [This Christmas is slightly different for me due to covid, but I enjoyed my QT via zoom]

The city keeps on surprising me. There is an infinite pool of options to discover here in London. Each place you go will take you back in their world for a few hours without worrying about anything else. Through the vineyards [dating], I heard about this 1940 themed Tube station vintage bar called Cahoots. I am excited about this one as it has three different experiences with their Ticket Hall, The Control Room and The Underground. The location of this bar is perfect, as it is on Kingly Court in Carnaby, Soho.

So far, I have been to two out of three. The first stop was The Control Room. If I am honest, the room was a bit too small for me. It feels like you are underground, deep under the ground. [It is a bit too claustrophobic for me sometimes, but that is me, only taking the Tube if I have to]

I like the newspaper menu they have. We even got a cocktail on the house this day. [Note to self, not go out when you already had a full day of fun activities, because when we finally arrived at The Control Room, we were tired] From this day, I can’t recommend any of the cocktails we tried. Not that they were not good, but also not the best. Or maybe I just forgot the names. [Fun fact, we had some time to eat a pizza from Pizza Pilgrims in Kingly Court, which was the best and fast service as well once you have a table] Another note to myself is to go early and plan nothing before, so I can fully emerge in the atmosphere.

So second time, I did plan it better. [Yeah] The Underground is a much more fun and slightly bigger room. It feels like you are on an old coach in 1940. [Perfect for a date or with friends and family as well, if you want to impress anyone] The cocktails here I remembered because they were very inviting. If you like citrusy and fresh like me, go for the Rebel Rebel and Vera Lynn. The atmosphere in this place is perfect, and excellent staff.

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If you like to try it out, you can book on their website or here. I might go for the afternoon tea at some point and the Ticket Hall. If it is your first try, I suggest going to The Underground first. [Thank me later] They offer some live music as well, not sure when they do. Both times there was no live music, but it was still amazing.

Another hidden gem in the same street/alley is Disrepute. It is a small luxurious cocktail & lounge bar in a basement. [Another perfect dating spot, more intimate so, not for a first date, I would say]

The cocktails in this bar are more sophisticated. I had some delicious cocktails with Champagne. [If you know me, you know] The music was lovely. They played one of my favourites, Heart of Glass and many more similar songs.

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Finding all these new bars in London makes me exciting about what 2022 will bring for us. Hopefully, the pandemic will be under control. We then can enjoy being out and about more and more. There are so many lovely places to discover. I can’t wait!

Don’t worry. I love sharing my experiences with you here. Just keep an eye out for new blog posts here or on Instagram. [So if you are in London, you will know exactly where the locals go 😉 ]

[Thank you for sticking around. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday]

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