About me

Finally, I started to blog in 2016! It took me a long time to take this step. And here I am still blogging!

Originally a Javanese – Surinamese girl who moved from rainy Rotterdam to rainy London.  I always love to travel, meeting different cultures, art and lots of other new exciting things in life. Blogging about those things makes me feel grateful. The best part is making wonderful memories into something permanent that hopefully inspires someone in anyway.

My website contains bits of my life, mostly about me exploring London (for you guys) and awesome Travel Blogs with some genuine tips.

Sharing mostly some content about “What to do in London” in my “Hello London” blogs for everyone who loves, likes or never been to London and wants some tips for exploring the City.

Also on the website is “My Art Gallery” where I am sharing my journey with oil paints, acrylic and many more art supplies .

New in 2019 The Fashion Blogs, which I am still figuring out what kind of Fashion content I would like to share with you guys. Follow my fashion journey on blogs!

Hope you get inspired and like reading my blogs! I am really excited to share them with you!

A small disclaimer

Everything that is written on this website is my own opinions and/or own experiences. I wish not to offend or insult anyone with what I write. I just want to share my personal experiences and opinions with you, so hopefully you will be inspired or curious to read more blogs.

Ciao! ♥ Danielle

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