Hello lovely people, a warm and cuddly hug to you   

Welcome to my website where you will find all sorts of content about my life after 35. I started to document bits of my life after my thirties when I moved to London. Age is just a number [I know], so I don’t think my content will be only for people over their thirties. On the other hand, it is nice if you can relate to things when you are from the same generation, no? 

Who is Miss Widjaja ?

I am Danielle, next to being an introvert [who grew up in the Netherlands with her Javanese – Surinamese family] I am a self-taught artist in her thirties. Art, travel, different cultures and good food have always inspired me. As an introvert, my creativity is a way how I express myself and most importantly, a way to develop my journey to self-love.

This website is mainly a personal diary of my life. It contains bits of my experiences, tips and tricks, the self-love journey that I categorised into six parts. Some are more personal than others.

The first part is TRAVEL, one of my major passions is to see different cultures around the world. I am up for any new experiences, being mesmerized by art and architecture around the world, enjoying delicious food, [lots of local] wine and embracing the beautiful moments in life. 

The Travel Blogs are all amazing experiences I had when travelling and all of them became great memories. It cheers me up to read them back once in a while and just relive the moments. Not to forget, these blogs are a great way to check some local tips and tricks and a must-see when you are planning to go to one of the places I have been.  

In the part LIFESTYLE, you will find mainly my experiences and life here in London or Rotterdam [my homtown]. It is a great way to find some great tips and tricks here in London and to discover new places in the city. Honestly, the city has so many hidden spots that need to be explored. Curious? Follow my journey here.

The next category is very personal, ART. This part of my website contains my creative side in my journey into painting, poetry, photography and self-love through art. I would like to share this part of me much more with you, hoping this will bring you some joy and inspiration to be creative yourself. We don’t have to be perfect, just find a way to express ourselves in any way. These parts are all experimental and I am documenting this to grow and evolve my creative side. So by all means it is not a way to show off any of my experimental work. I also still have a lot to learn in this journey.

The FASHION blogs, an old passion of mine, is my journey into art and fashion. I am trying to find some extraordinary exhibitions for you about the history of fashion. Some great designers who conquered the fashion industry for decades for example. So far, I saw these outstanding expositions, which you will find here

Another passion of mine is anything to do with vintage. I will create more content in the future that I can share with you here related to this topic. 

The final categories are BEAUTY and my FOOD CORNER [for some easy peasy recipes] Like to know more about me? Follow me on Instagram to see upcoming content.

If you have any great suggestions to do here in London or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

All the best, lovely people! I am excited to share my experiences with you!

 ♥ Miss Widjaja





A small disclaimer

Everything written here on this website is my own opinion and my own experiences. I wish not to offend or insult anyone with what I write. I really like sharing my personal experiences and opinions with you. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my blogs posts.


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