Hello Beautiful Souls, I’m thrilled to share a recent adventure that added a spark of excitement to the festive season—our yearly Christmas dinner for work at Boom Battle Bar on Oxford Street. Trust me; it was an evening filled with unexpected fun and laughter.

Boom Battle Bar isn’t your typical hangout spot; it’s the UK’s first and solely Battle Bar. The moment you step inside, the spirit of competitive play whisks you away from the dullness of the ordinary day, immersing you in a fully interactive gaming experience. Picture this: Augmented Reality Darts, Crazier Golf, Augmented Reality Axe Throwing, Shuffleboard, Beer Pong, BOOM BOX Karaoke, and more—all under one roof. It’s safe to say, you’ve never had a night quite like this before.

But the real magic happens when you dive into the games. Augmented Reality Darts takes the traditional pub game to a whole new level [Unfortunately, I am not the best at darts], while Crazier Golf adds a twist to the classic. Axe Throwing in Augmented Reality? Count me in! Shuffleboard, Beer Pong, and BOOM BOX Karaoke complete the lineup, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. We only booked a few of these games for the evening, however, we had so much fun.

And let’s talk about the cocktails—Boom Battle Bar has crafted an all-new cocktail menu that’s destined to make its way onto your Instagram story. Sip on innovative concoctions as you immerse yourself in the gaming frenzy.

But wait, there’s more! The fun extends to the palate with the BOOM BITES street food style menu. Reload on energy with tasty treats like chicken wings, loaded fries, and pizza. It’s the perfect fuel for an evening filled with competitive camaraderie.

Our Christmas pre-dinner at Boom Battle Bar was nothing short of a revelation—unexpectedly fun, engaging, and a welcome departure from the ordinary. So, if you’re looking to infuse a bit of playfulness into your evenings, head to Boom Battle Bar on Oxford Street. You won’t be disappointed!

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