Hello Beautiful Souls! These gems are exciting if you like to go for drinks after work on Fridays. Through a friend, I discovered three [new] pubs/cocktails bars in the neighbourhood under the name; The Umbrella Projects. I have been to all of the three bars to try their cocktails. All were great to relax, have a drink, chat and even dance if you like. [Surprinsingly great DJs, so if you are in a dancing mood, these places got you covered] Side note, the last place might be a bit too tight to dance.

The Sun Tavern  

The Sun Tavern was founded in 1851. It came to life again in 2014 on a corner on Bethnal Green Road. The Sun Tavern is well known because of its classical-inspired cocktails and its collections of Whiskeys and other specialised drinks. I was happy we booked a table. We were able to eat something with all the tasty [yet strongly alcoholic] cocktails. Honestly, it has some hipster vibes, but the vibe was vibrant. It is just lovely to see people having a great time chatting with each other and chatting about the day with friends. The in-house DJ was great. [Loved the music he played. it had an old skool vibe to it] 

Discount Suit Company

I got [a bit] more excited about going to this cocktail bar because it is super hidden. [If you know, you will know, now you will know as well] Hopping from the Sun Tavern to Discount Suit Company will bring you through Brick Lane. [Go try a beigel at Beigel Bake, one of the best beigels in town] A cocktail to try here is the conference call, a whiskey inspired cocktail. [I can still taste the burned flavour from this cocktail] 

The music was very appealing to me and got us dancing till the end. DSC says Northern Soul and Vintage Rock n Roll is what they play in this bar. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the name of the DJ, but she brought this chill vibe into the house. [Another spot to amaze your date, thank me later]

The Umbrella Workshop

The last stop is The Umbrella Workshop. The Umbrella Workshop is a tiny cocktail bar that will fit only twelve people in their small but atmospheric cosy bar. We were lucky to find a slot in the evening. From the moment we stepped one foot into the bar… one of the owners introduced himself sweetly and genuinely. They are very customer orientated. The concept is brilliant! This bar is making experimental cocktails [and drinks] and directly testing these with their audience. [If they are successful, you will be able to see them on the menu in the other bars]

The owner explained each ingredient per cocktail on the list, which made me intrigued to try them all. There was one cocktail that James Bond drank in the fifties called Vesper. The Vesper has an ingredient that is difficult to find or make nowadays [I forgot the name, unfortunately]. Of course, I had to try this one. [A warning, it is super heavy but worth once in your life]

The second cocktail was one of the best cocktails I had, super refreshing. This cocktail is called Bambinella. An explosation of flavours and one of a kind. [Fortunately, I tried it twice so far because it disappeared from their menu already]

This cocktail will be soon available in the DSC. [Lucky me] I will go back to this bar to try some other experimental cocktails anyway. An experience to remember. [Fun place to be now that Spring is around the corner]

This bar is also the shop where you can purchase their products under The Umbrella Project. [Great gift ideas for birthdays or holidays]

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