Hello beautiful Souls, welcome back to another “Hello Gems” blog. This hidden [not so hidden in the end] jazz club in Waterloo is worth to go if you love jazzy tunes. The setting is under a disused Railway Arch turned very vintage and mysterious. [Love it]

The hidden jazz club is the spot to discover the best of London’s jazz scenes with [exceptional] talents. We were lucky to see these musicians who are [well] known in their fields. The vocalist Cherise was incredible. [check a few videos I took on my Instagram post] The vibe in this Railway Arch reminds me of an abandoned silo. [I used to go out to clubs in abandoned industrial places, The Vaults has the same vibe]

It is a fun and relaxing night out to enjoy with friends, dates or family. [It will be one of those dates that stand out, so if you are interested, you can get tickets here. Thank me later :)] The musicians and singers of the night I went are all in this picture.

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