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LOVE THY SELF will be available at a Contemporary Art Gallery, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery under the exhibition NFT [New Freedom Think]. The exhibition is in Italy [Milano] and Spain [Fuerteventura] from the 28th of March till the 3rd of April 2022. It will be a fusion of the real into the digital world.

Thank you, Ilaria [@ilariaf.artcurator] for this opportunity.[@m.a.d.s.artgallery in Milano]

[All artwork below will be available on the virtual exhibition at The Holy Art Gallery from 27th of February untill the 5th of March 2022.]

*Prices available on request.

LOVE THY SELF – Self Love and Happiness 2020 – 51 CM * 51 CM – oil on canvas *

Love Thyself is all about love for yourself as a woman. As a caring woman, [as many others] I believe, we [women] often forget ourselves in this busy jungle of life. A reminder that even in moments of struggle, we need to focus on the journey to self-love. The end of the tunnel will be much brighter, more joyful and more fulfilling to the soul if we focus on our journey to happiness.

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THE NEW HEART 2021 – 76 CM * 76 CM – oil on canvas *






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THE GOOD AND THE BAD 2021 – 40 CM * 50 CM – oil on canvas *





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UNION OF THREE 2020 – 40 CM * 50 CM – oil on canvas *





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GIFT FOR A FRIEND 2020 – 20 CM * 20 CM – oil on canvas






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