Good day, beautiful people! Let me take you to one of the most beautiful hotels in London, The Ned. Sir Edwin ‘Ned’ Lutyens designed the Ned in 1924. Originally it was a Midland Bank headquarters. [It is this white majestic building on Poultry]

The hotel is for both private members and the public. The colossal Corinthian columns are just stunning. The green malachite on each column makes this place the next level of luxury and prestige. [I can’t help but wonder if the columns are from malachite inside out or just the surface] I couldn’t get enough of all the beauty of the interior. [Reminded me a bit of the film, The Grand Budapest Hotel]

The Nikkel bar
The Nikkelbar is in the centre of the main hall. [There is no way you will miss it]. The Nikkel bar is where you can find the main stage, with every few hours a live band playing some jazzy tunes. [It was such a pleasant feeling, having a drink and listening to live music that day] The music got better and better over time with some jazzy & latin vibes. It is a vibrant place of people coming and going and it is a lovely place to watch people enjoying their time.

The menu at the Nikkelbar is limited, but they have a great selection of 3 or 4 items for the mains. For lunch, we went for the vegan meatless burger. This burger was one of the best meatless burgers ever! It was like eating a juicy fatty beef burger. [The texture was just like beef] The Ned has a good selection of drinks and delicious cocktails. [An Espresso Martini is always good or a classic cosmo, just saying] A tip, if you like truffles like me, take the bite that has truffles. [The amount of truffles you will get is unbelievable. I am still regretting I didn’t order it]

Another astonishing item to see or to discover is the Vault. As the Ned was a bank before, they still have the vault in the basement. The vault is now a bar for private members. [If you have to go to the toilets at some point, don’t forget to look in the right-hand corner, thank me later]

For the Nikkelbar, no reservation will be necessary. Just pop in for lunch and or drink and enjoy the live music.

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