Dear You,

You are just doing great. Keep on going and don’t worry, you are heading the right way.

I know life hasn’t been always fair to you, but know that everything happens for a reason.

You love cooking your own dinners. For some, this might seem normal, but for you it is pretty special. It means that you are getting back to your true you.

You are enjoying the small things, like watching the wind go through the trees and imagine that it feels like a fresh breeze on the skin. It makes you happy to think that trees are enjoying a fresh breeze through their leaves, it makes them feel alive.

You love to walk around your neighbourhood and discover new things, it can be anything, like a beautiful historical building around the corner, an office of a famous designer, a majestic church with a hidden park, seeing the sun reflecting on the river or seeing people enjoying each other company on the streets.

Life is full of surprises and I am happy you are back to enjoy it. Never forget things happen for a reason. If it doesn’t work out for you one way, it will definitely work out the other way. Life will not let you down, trust me.

One important thing you found out is that happiness comes from within. This will lead you to much greater moments in life and I am happy you are on the right path.

Always keep in touch with your higher self and many wonderful choices will follow.

Love you always,
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