Hello Lovely People,
I am super excited to finally share with you this awesome collaboration with these amazing artists for the RegenerART BOOK about resilience and hope during these difficult times.
This project has been organized by Juliana Lauletta, who did an amazing job, selecting all the artist and putting the book together in such a short time. It is an Ebook at the moment and hopefully, it will be printed at some point.
So what is this RegenerART book about?
As artists, we reflect ourselves in our surroundings and we shed light on aspects that may otherwise be missed.
By sharing artworks and stories of resilience and hope, this Art Book aims to infuse the readers with optimism and help sustain our energy levels during these difficult times. It also offers the artists an opportunity to keep a sense of community and bear tough times with others. - Juliania Lauletta multimedia artist.
During the lockdown, we all have our ups and downs, the best way to cope with it for me is to focus on self-love. For me, painting is like therapy. Being creative helped me a lot to find myself again, to be in the present moment and mainly to find happiness within me. Months later, I can definitely say I enjoy being creative so much more. I love to paint with oils, explore photography with my Canon EOS M10 and explore writing poetry from the heart. I am still in the learning/ exploring phase, so I don't consider myself a fulltime artist at the moment, but how cool that I am featured in this book!
I am super proud of myself that I am part of this awesome collaboration and that I can share one of my painting journeys and one of my first written poems with the world among these amazing artist! I hope there are some people who can relate to my piece in this book and that it can be helpful/inspiring to find your happiness in life!
The painting that is featured in this book has travelled through a few places; I started with this painting from my old home and finished it in my new home. This painting is inspired by one of my favourite artist Modigliani and is all about love for yourself. As a caring person as many others I believe, we often forgot ourself in this busy jungle of life.

This painting will always have a special place in my heart and it is a reminder that even in moments of downs, the ups will be much brighter, much more joyful and fulfilling to the soul if we focus on our own journey to happiness.
To download this awesome RegenerArt book and see the incredible work of the other artists and myself, click here. To find my Poem on my blog click here.

There is even an Epub format of the book here.
Up to finding thyself and happiness from within!
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