Hello beautiful Souls, welcome back to another ‘Hello Gems’ blog. Last week I had a lovely weekend celebrating my birthday in advance with some friends. I had to take a break and skip one week of posting. This week’s blog will make up for it. I am sharing with you a super adorable experience you can do here in London, Puppy Yoga. [Finally, I had some cute cuddle time with.. puppies]  

Puppy Yoga London is the place to be where you can combine yoga with some cuddles of super cute puppies. [Best combination ever] You will get the opportunity to cuddle, play and pet the most adorable puppies. You might forget you are in a yoga class, but the yoga instructor Anton makes sure you get some yoga poses done. The best gift you can ever give anyone who likes to destress and be surrounded by cute pets. An experience you won’t forget. To book a class, please go here to the Puppy Yoga website. 

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