Hello Lovely People, 

I still had these pictures to post, so here you go and enjoy London by night! All of my pictures are taken with the CANON EOS M10 camera and this time the pictures are not edited. 

This series is based on of course beautiful London by night, but also my learning process in how to handle my camera manually for the perfect picture or effect.

As you can see, some of these pictures need to be more focussed and others less exposed. Overall I had fun taking these pictures and for the first time, I am kind of proud of myself. Who would have imagined my Canon camera could do this!

Keep an eye on my progress, I promise in the future this will get better. 

One fun fact; in the last picture you can see Venus next to the moon, HOW AMAZING IS THAT and  I JUST CAPTURED IT FOR YOU. You're welcome! I also saw Mars that night! (for the amateur astronomers among us)

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