Hello lovely people, how is everyone doing this last day of the year? I hope everyone made it through 2020 feeling content and stronger than ever. I would like to take this moment to reflect on my year here in London and thank you all for being my supportive readers.

The year has passed by so fast, I can still remember last year this time. I was in such a different mind-set. I had to make important decisions for myself and I am grateful I did make some great decisions. I think the best one has been staying in London after my break up in 2019 after more or less four years.

The beginning of 2020 has been mostly about adjusting. Finding out my passions again, loving myself and finding my goals in life again. To be honest, I had no idea how and where this journey would take me in 2020, but I was open to anything. I mainly tried to listen to myself so much more.

Art, writing my thought and feelings down and painting has been a significant part of my journey to the self. I am super proud of myself that one of my paintings has been featured in this amazing Ebook, RegenerArt Resilience and Hope, with many other great artists. It meant so much to finally see myself as an artist (even if I am not on a professional level yet) and sharing my art with others. The painting that has been featured means a lot to me. It helped me to see a lot of things I didn’t realise in a long time. It taught me to take care of myself and to love me for being me.

Unfortunately, the pandemic cancelled a lot of my travels with family, friends and fun things, but it helped me a lot to grow within. I am grateful I could be home in the summer and now spend the Christmas holidays with my lovely family. One thing the pandemic did, was connecting on a deeper level with the people I love. I feel like I can speak much more about my feelings, being true, what I like and want in life than years before.

In 2020 I made some new friends, which in the beginning, I am not going to lie, I thought would be difficult. Turned out it was not and actually it was more of an organic thing. So happy that I found a housemate who I could speak to in difficult times and who I have some fun with as well.

Cooking has been so much fun this year. I wish I could invite people over to try some of the recipes I made because I kid you not, some recipes I made were really good! I shared a lot of them on my Instagram instead or via a video call with my mom. Unfortunately, she couldn’t smell the delicious food.

Another thing that I realised while living here in London is that I am making so many wonderful new memories. I love to walk around the city centre, especially through the bankside and St. Pauls. London is full of new discoveries and so many beautiful architectures. Summer and winters are so different, you will see the same things from different perspectives. If I ever leave this beautiful city, I will definitely miss my walks here. It is just a city that never gets boring.

This year also has been the year of grounding myself, being present and listening to my intuition. Meditating and doing yoga helped a lot. The first lockdown I was on top of daily meditating and yoga. I still do it, but less often. This is something I need to push myself into doing a lot more again in 2021. It helps a lot, my state of mind changed and I feel like it helps me be a better person.

Dealing with my inner child and traumas helped me to see why I made the decisions I made in my life. Realising that I wasn’t following my own path and why I kept making certain mistakes, was definitely worth working on this year. Still continuing working on it.

My advice to you would be to always work on being a better version of yourself and be happy by yourself. It is nice to share your happiness with others, but never chase it. I feel so much more grounded and I definitely know now what I do want in my life. Certainly realising what I do not need in my life. Do what feels good to you, even if people don’t like it. Do you and do what makes you happy! In the end, only YOU can make YOU happy, no one else.

So set some goals for yourself, goals that will make you grow as a person. Set some goals for your career, things you want to achieve in 2021 and do some fun stuff that you can add in your beautiful box of wonderful memories.

I wish everyone a very healthy, successful, joyful and mesmerizing 2021. Listen to your heart and follow your own path!

Happy New Year!


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