Hello Lovely readers and welcome back to another (the new normal) travel blog on As you know, so far, I have been to charismatic Amsterdam, creative Eindhoven during my holidays, but let’s not forget my beautiful hometown Rotterdam. The city full of architecture and good vibes, if I can say so myself.

Each time I go back home, I fall in love with its beauty. Mainly because the city continues evolves. So this time I soaked up the beauty of the architecture and street art in Rotterdam.

Just like London, you can pretty much walk everywhere in the city centre and enjoy the view. This is exactly what I did with my mom, we did a 7k strolling through the city centre to see if we can spot some street art and capture some great pictures of architecture. However, we got some Dutch weather, which means it was raining a lot of the time. As Dutchies this should not ruin your afternoon walk, so we enjoyed our walk just as much. I even think it helped the pictures to come out stronger, let me know what you think in the comments below?

The pictures below are all taken with, my Honor 10 mobile phone. I wanted to leave the pictures unedited and capture the moment as it is. Focusing on the architecture, I am quite happy with the pictures I took. So many historical buildings next to all the new and modern architecture. It is just like finding some sweet candies in some corners of the city, which made me smile a lot.

First of all the pictures of all the beautiful architecture in the city centre captured on that day.

Some of the street art we found along the way of our stroll in beautiful Rotterdam. 


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