Hello Lovely People, Welcome back to a new blog post. This time I will bring you to the enchanted world of Sketch! Finally, I have been to this famous Afternoon Tea with the cocoon restroom. Let me tell you Sketch is worth the hype! This gastro-brasserie will take you to a place you have never seen or never experienced before. Sketch has three Michelin stars for the Lecture Room & Library with the Head Chef Pierre Gagnaire. The Executive Head Chef for the Gallery – Afternoon Tea is Frederic Don and Excetive Pastry Chef Christophe Gasper.

Sketch Afternoon Tea

We had to book the Afternoon Tea one month in advance. If you are planning to go, please keep this in mind. The Afternoon Tea is in the Gallery, a magical pink room with a beautiful interior. The staff look incredible, excellent customer service. There is live classical music that makes you feel like you are having tea with the Bridgerton. 

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Our afternoon tea started from 11:30 am till 2:00 pm. We were one of the first in the room. From the moment we entered, my jaw dropped to the floor. Each room is different from another and all mesmerising. Take a sneak peek when you pass by. The Gallery is at the end of the hall on the right-hand side. As soon as we sat at our table, we were welcomed and ask if we would like some champagne with the afternoon tea. Of course, I could not resist going for the complete experience. I got myself a delighted glass of champagne. The best champagne I ever had! 

The Caviar Man

First, as a starter, you will get an Egg Gougere. The Caviar man will bring the starter, serve you a spoon full of caviar to taste and add the rest to the starter. At this point, I was in heaven both the caviar and champagne were from another planet. I never had something so fine and delicate. 

Afternoon Delicacies

The afternoon delicacies are sandwiches and sweets. I was in love with the Coronation Chicken and Truffle Brioche Bun. A vegan option is available as well. The sandwiches are unlimited to order, so if you fancy some more, ask the waitress.

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For tea, you can order much different tea from the menu. The one I loved was the Rosebuds tea. The subtle hit of rose in the tetsubin is very dreamy.  At last, you will get a heavenly fresh scone. There is some butter and jam to put on the scone, a dream team. 

A tip is to go to the restroom at some point to take some pictures. You will find here the famous cocoon-shaped toilets. If you have some sweets left, they will kindly pack them in a cute box to bring home. 

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This Afternoon Tea experience is a ten out of ten for me. I will go back at some point to experience it all over again. In total, this Afternoon Tea costs me around 90GBP and is worth every penny. 

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