Hello Beautiful Souls! Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Royal Academy to see the free exhibition at the Collection Gallery. And let me tell you, it was an unforgettable experience!

The highlight of my visit was undoubtedly the outstanding painting of The Last Supper made by the pupils of Leonardo da Vinci. As I stood in front of the painting, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the amount of detail and precision that went into creating such a masterpiece. It’s no wonder that this painting [as well as the fresco] has captured the hearts of art lovers for centuries.

But that wasn’t the only gem I found at the gallery. I also saw the Taddei Tondo by Michelangelo, which is a stunning relief sculpture of the Virgin and Child. The beauty of this piece left me speechless, and I could feel the emotions evoked by Michelangelo’s intricate work.

Another highlight was seeing the beautiful famous casts of Laocoon, Hercules, Venus, and Jesus in the sculpture of Pieta. These sculptures were so lifelike that it felt as if they would come to life at any moment.

Furthermore, I was amazed by the magnificent copies of tapestries in the Sistine Chapel. The complex details and colours were truly mesmerizing. It was incredible to see the artistry involved in the creation of these tapestries, which have been famous for centuries.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to discover some modern art by Antony Green, Dame Paula Rego, and Patrick Procktor. Their works added a contemporary twist to the exhibition and showcased how art has evolved over the years.

But for me, the best part of the exhibition was undoubtedly the painting of The Last Supper. It was a rare opportunity to see a masterpiece that is fading on the original fresco in Milan. The level of detail and precision that went into the painting left me in awe, and I couldn’t help but feel grateful for being able to witness such an exceptional piece of art.

In conclusion, my visit to the Royal Academy’s Collection Gallery was a truly memorable experience. I was able to see some of the most magnificent works of art in history, both ancient and modern. If you have the opportunity to visit the gallery at the Royal Academy, I highly recommend it. It is a must-see for any art lover or anyone who appreciates beauty and creativity.

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