HELLO LONDON | Lightfield Exhibition

Hello Lovely People, welcome back to a new blog post about some fun stuff to do around London. If you haven’t been yet, go to the Marble Arch Mound, which is an artificial hill in Marble Arch near Hyde Park.

The hill is around 25 meters high. You will have a 360 degrees view from the top. The mound itself is not that spectacular, to be honest, but if you are in the neighbourhood on your way to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or for a shopping spree in Oxford Street, why not pass by?

There is an enlightening exhibition for free from Anthony James, worth every minute of your time spent on the mound. Find the exhibition on the ground floor, divided into three dark rooms. The exhibition itself is only until December 2021.

You can visit the hill up to the 9th of January 2022.

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