Hello beautiful souls! I am excited to bring you along to hidden gems such as local spots in town. These will be spots that you only go to if you heard about it or know from a local. So if you are new in town and want to explore like a local, you will find them in LIFESTYLE under HELLO GEMS.

My first hidden gem starts in one of my favourites neighbourhoods, Islington. Halfway down Upperstreet, you will find a cute Islington Square, et voila, you are at Meghan’s. There is an ODEON Luxe & Dine Islington opposite Meghan’s. [Just mentioning it, as it is worth seeing a film in this Odeon. They have very comfy seats]

The food on their menu is mainly a Mediterranean twist with some Turkish influences. All ingredients tasted fresh and are easy to share if you like to. [Just saying]

Some of my favourites are the Mezze. This time I went for the Chicken Shawarma Mezze. I tried the Halloumi Fries w/ Honey [the honey did it for me as I am not the biggest fan of Halloumi]. The overnight braised lamb is heaven. [The lamb I tried before and almost melts in your mouth] They have many delicious vegan options for the vegans between us. Click here for their menu.

In summer this place might be busy as we all want to enjoy having lunch or dinner outside on a terrace. Meghan’s is a cute place for a romantic date. [To be honest, almost all the places I mention here are suitable for dates or dates with friends or family] Last but not least, it is very affordable for a special night out in central London. [Between 40 – 50 pounds for a special night out, depending on the drinks]

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So if you want to try something more local, [and still in the centre of London basically] Meghan’s will be an excellent option.

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