Hello Beautiful Souls! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones and is enjoying the Christmas blog posts. This blog post will be the last one of the year before I reflect on 2023 in another blog post. 

The winter lights festival is actually in January 2024. If you are heading to London around this time, do not forget to pass by Canary Wharf. This festival is free of charge. You will discover numerous incredible light installations from great artists spread out around Canary Wharf.

I have been to the Winter Lights at the beginning of 2023. It was my first time, but I had so much fun tracking to capture every light installation. From what I saw on their website, this is recurring every year. At least, it has been the last seven years. 

In total, there were twenty-two installations to see. Five of them are permanent public art collection installations. So these installations will still be there after the festival.

A tip is to go early to have a big lunch or an early dinner and start hunting around 6 or 7 pm. Canary Wharf is full of appealing restaurants. It might get busy, so expect to queue for some time at some light installations. If you are in good company and the weather is okay, it will pass in no time. We had to wait for the longest at installation 16, maybe around thirty minutes.

The Winter Lights should be ten days from 5-10 pm daily. Just keep an eye on the website. 

Artist line-up of #WinterLights2023 :

  1. Bit. fall by Julius Popp
  2. The Clew by Ottotto
  3. PING by Gijs van Bon
  4. Permafrost – Sleeping Giants by Fisheye
  5. Continuum by Illumaphonium
  6. The Stars Come Out at Night by Stellar Projects
  7. Captivated by Colour by Camille Walala
  8. Intonaluci “The Light Snails” by Calidos
  9. Fragmented Appearances by Gertjan Adema
  10. We Could Meet by Martin Richman
  11. Elantica “The Boulder” by Tom&Lien Dekyvere
  12. You exist, here, now by The Fandangoe Kid
  13. in[visible] by Daniel Popescu
  14. Out of the Dark by Tom Lambert
  15. Glories by Richard William Wheater
  16. Anima by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
  17. Toroid by This is Loop
  18. Lightbenches ‘Classic’ by LBO Lichtbank
  19. Emergence by This is Loop
  20. Fluorescent Firs
  21. Crystal Greenhouse by Shared Space and Light
  22. Floating Earth by Luke Jerram

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