Hello Beautiful Souls! I hope you had a lovely week so far. I recently had the pleasure of attending a fantastic event in January, organized by Work-Life-Balancer – “Paint, Chill & Connect: Make New Friends.” The next one is just around the corner on the 4th of February, and it seems like there are more exciting events like this in the pipeline. If you’re living in London, it’s worth checking out!

Work-Life-Balancer isn’t just about formalities; they host social drinking sessions on Fridays and, come summer, delightful park meetups to foster connections. Having been to Winter Wonderland with a group from these events, I can attest to the lovely atmosphere. There’s no stress or pressure – just genuine connections at your own pace, a treasure for an introvert like myself.

Living alone can sometimes mean less connection, but Work-Life-Balancer has created a community of good, kind people, welcoming individuals of all ages. While it’s primarily focused on young people [I believe] in this big city, everyone is encouraged to join.

Now, let’s dive into the “Paint, Chill & Connect” event. What I loved most was the freedom to paint without sticking to a specific subject. However, if you have no clue, you will be guided by a very excellent artist/teacher. Worried about paint-stained clothes? Fear not! We used acrylics, which dry quickly – your masterpiece will be dry within a few hours. I loved how everyone had their unique interpretation of what to paint or how to paint the “sunflowers” of Van Gogh [which was the topic of this painting session]. Kudos to the organizers for adding some fun games after the painting sessions, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the evening.

If you’re living in London and looking to meet new people without any pressure, these events are a gem. They’ve made a positive impact on me, and I’m committed to joining more. Here’s to hoping for enjoyable and sunny weather in the upcoming events.

Stay connected, stay inspired!

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