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Hi Lovely Readers, welcome back to my weekly London blogs. This time I will mention something a bit different. This blog will be about my tips for you when visiting  London. I am living in London for more than two months now, so I am not an expert yet, but slowly becoming a Londoner and I am liking it so far! From this month I am also started to work again and that feels so great!

If you would tell me ten year ago, would you live abroad? I really could not have imagine something like this. I have always admired people for doing this and now that I have done it… it feels like I am on top of the world and it is POSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE! Of course it will be a bit difficult in the beginning, you need to adjust to a whole new environment, maybe a different culture, but yeah.. if you just do it and figure things out on the way.. you can do it! My reason for moving to a whole new country is for LOVE, but that is not the only reason. I always wanted to experience living abroad, but I didn’t had the balls to do so before. Living in London for more than two months made me realise… I am doing it, it is possible (also for me) and the nicest thing is I am sharing this experience with someone that I truly love.

Here are my three tips when visiting London

• Tip number one: Take the bus

Just sit in front of the bus and enjoy the view on the way!

Instead of taking the tube… take the bus! It is much cheaper than the tube and you will see much more of the city. Especially the rush hours in the morning and after work will be super packed in the tube. Almost no fresh air and really hot. The bus can be also hot if it is very sunny, at least in two seconds you are back in the fresh air. Bus rides usually takes a bit longer, but trust me you will see so much more of this wonderful city and you can take a second bus in a certain time (I think within a hour or less) for free. (You need to check in again, but they won’t charge you for it) Oh one last thing.. In the bus you NEVER check out.. so just check in and you are done.. you can put that Oyster card away now.

• Tip number two:  Sightseeing during the week

If you want to enjoy seeing some museums or other sightseeing attractions, go early and go during the week. It is much more enjoyable during the week. Less tourists and more space to see the actual attraction. I am not sure this will also count for the big tourist attractions like the London EYE and so on, but I am pretty sure it is much quieter during the week to visit a museum (which is one of my favourite things to do in London).

Just walking near the Thames


• Tip number three: Walk around

If you walk you see so much more!

In the centre (zone 1) everything is walkable. You can easily walk from Piccadilly Circus to Covent Garden to the British Museum. I am not saying it will be in ten minutes, but on the way you will see a lot of shops, restaurants and many new thing. Walking through the city gives you a much more understanding where everything really is located and this way you will discover a lot more places that you wouldn’t see if you only take the tube.

Every borough and buildings are different, even the cabs!

Always something cute to see, like this small house with a lot of flowers!

So these are my top three tips that I could think off since I have been living in London. Hope you can use these tips and discover a lot more places while in London. Next blog will be about some tips to find a job in London (of course from what I have experienced so far).

See you around!

Ciao! ♥ Miss Widjaja

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